Above all, I would like to express my gratitude to my promoter, Prof. Dr. Marysa Demoor for her enthusiasm, her kind advice and the revisions of my writings.  I am also much indebted to the insights of Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Musschoot with respect to postmodernism.  Furthermore, I want to thank the secretary of the library at the department of English literature for her friendly assistance and the staff of all other libraries that I raided because of my dissertation.  I admit that I shall especially miss the smell of books at the library of English literature and the pigeons which I used to see whenever I visited it.  Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to thank my parents for their support, the family Deygers for a trip to Paris, and all my friends and beloved ones for their patience, as they had to put up with my endless ravings about Oscar, mysterious yellow books and wild 'pomo' theories for nearly two years.  I dedicate my dissertation to all whom I love.

Gent (Belgium), May 1996


Koen Van Cauwenberge

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